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The pharmaceutical industry is a vast field with several kinds of medications being formulated for different needs. Some are used for applications and some meant to be. In the production of all these there is one thing common. It is the shaping and stamping of the tablets themselves.

Precision products from Tablet Compression Tools exporters

Many a times the formulations are mixed together in a powder form which then has to be forced into a shape. This method of compression requires a machine which used several casts into which the powder is fed and the machine compresses them into tablets.

Machines with meticulous production

These Tablet Compression Tools need to be precise in order to minimise wastage of the powder and to make the tablet with all its markings. We specialise as Tablet Compression Tools and Tablet Press Punch Dies manufacturers and our machines are some of the best in the market.

Standard Sizes

Types Punch Barrel Diameter Outside Diameter of Die
D 25.4 mm 38.10 mm
B 19.0 mm 30.16 mm
BB 19.0 mm 24.00 mm
DB 25.4 mm 30.16 mm

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