Dies and punch sets which set us apart

EMMKAY INDUSTRIES has been operating in a field which has several specific requirements. Precision in making the dies as we understand that these will form the basis of your products. Quality materials as we make products which are meant to last a lifetime on the basis of their strength and durability. And innovative designs to help you give your products a unique look.

Quality of products makes us market leaders

And we are proud to say that we have kept up with all three factors in all your years of operation. All our customers are a satisfied group and keep returning to us for many new die and punch sets. We have services customers from many fields varying from food to pharmaceuticals. Updating our technology regularly and a team of master craftsmen has helped us maintain our standards and keep abreast and ahead in the market.

Candy Punch Die

Candy Punch DieA candy is a hard-boiled confectionery or sweet which we have all savoured time and again. It is a sweet reminiscent of our childhood. Coming in various shapes, it was an attraction point for all kids in a candy store. But have you ever wondered how the candy can come in so many shapes?

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Dies and Punches

Dies and PunchesIndustries across the globe need one machine that gives the product a unique shape which makes their product easy to be identified. Some artisan manufacturers still mould the product by hand, but the most common method is the Dies and Punches method.

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Pharmaceutical Punch Dies

Pharmaceutical Punch DiesEvery tablet has a different composition and a unique shape. This is done so that it can be identified easily, even by the illiterate masses. Hence the die cast has to be in a specific shape for each medication/tablet.

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Ayurvedic Punch Die

Ayurvedic Punch DieAll medications have a set shape and size which sets them apart from all other medication. This is made with the idea of aiding easy identification. This applies to all medication which comes in the form of tablets and capsule. Hence there are several dies made, some with ingrained symbols and names, for different medications.

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Tablet Compression Tools

Tablet Compression ToolsThe pharmaceutical industry is a vast field with several kinds of medications being formulated for different needs. Some are used for applications and some meant to be. In the production of all these there is one thing common. It is the shaping and stamping of the tablets themselves.

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