For the look that defines a product - Dies and Punches

Industries across the globe need one machine that gives the product a unique shape which makes their product easy to be identified. Some artisan manufacturers still mould the product by hand, but the most common method is the Dies and Punches method.

What is a Die and Punch?

A die is a mould made to shape a specific product into its required shape. A punch is what forces the product through the die making sure it takes the desired shape. Together these two create the unique shape of the object.

Customised Dies and Punches suppliers

As Dies and Punches manufacturers, we have been catering to many industry segments for many years. We have customised Dies and Punches for the food sector, pharmaceuticals, metal forgeries, apparels etc. It has been our goal to give quality products at an affordable price.

Standard Sizes

Types Punch Barrel Diameter Outside Diameter of Die
D 25.4 mm 38.10 mm
B 19.0 mm 30.16 mm
BB 19.0 mm 24.00 mm
DB 25.4 mm 30.16 mm

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